How far can an average person walk in one hour?

Answer 4 miles4 miles

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My foot is paining like hell.. i couldnt even walk some time, when i wake up it lasts for a hour or so..?

plantar fascitis.. there are foot wraps that u wear at night. also always wear shoes with an arch. i went to a podiatrist for my diagnosis.

How to Walk With a Blind Person?

Ink Braille for One of Ms. Kathy's KidsPeople who are blind are perfectly capable of walking by themselves. However there are times when a sighted guide is required. The technique below is called t... Read More »

How quick should a person in decent shape,walk a mile?

I can take a mile in about 10-12 minutes, but that isn't power walking. I'd not worry about it.Just get out and walk! That's what I do. Its very invigorating and does more good when you aren't worr... Read More »

Average propane btu usage per hour?

Kind of depends on what you want to heat doesn't it...