How far can a radar gun reach?

Answer Radar gun range vary by unit. Guns may have a range as low as 100 feet or as high as one mile. Weather, antenna size, interference and the size of the target all affect the range of a radar gun.Sou... Read More »

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What does the OPP use for a radar gun?

The Ontario Provincial Police in Ontario, Canada, use a radar gun called the Steath II, manufactured by Stealth Micro Systems. It has a much higher capture rate, which allows police to nab more spe... Read More »

When was radar first used?

Humans first used radar early in the 20th century. The German Telemobiloskop, otherwise known as a Remote Object Viewing Device, was patented in 1904. The device was designed to prevent ships from ... Read More »

Can a radar gun be wrong?

A radar gun can make mistakes. Radar guns can lock onto unintended objects or suffer from interference by other electronic devices. In addition, the accuracy of radar guns is reduced if the target... Read More »

How to Make a Radar Gun?

A radar gun can come in handy when you want to track the speed of an approaching car or how fast your son is pitching a baseball. A toy radar gun using Doppler radar does not have the power or effi... Read More »