How far back does a employer look at criminal records?

Answer Your employer can look at background information as far back as the records in your county are kept. It is highly likely that any criminal information will be uncovered by an employer who diligentl... Read More »

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How to Look Up Free Criminal Records?

Background search companies on the Internet are getting expensive--some even trick you into enrolling in a monthly membership. Fortunately, you can conduct background checks without paying for them... Read More »

How long does the FBI keep criminal records?

According to, it's at the FBI's discretion as to when and if it will clear someone's criminal record. However, the organization usually honors such requests when ordered by state... Read More »

Can an employer find out your military discharge records?

Your military records are public domain once you're discharged. If they want to make the effort, all they have to do is request a copy from the National Personnel Records Centre. It can even be don... Read More »

What does"back scanned"mean on court records?

The term "back-scanning" refers to the process of digitizing hard copies of records that existed before electronic documentation was commonplace. Legal and medical documents are commonly back-scann... Read More »