How far back do insurance companies check your medical records?

Answer On One Hand: They'll Try to Go Back to Your BirthInsurance companies will look as far back into your history as records exist. When applying for health and life insurance, you will be asked about ... Read More »

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How far back do insurance companies keep claims records?

Major insurance companies use Credit Loss Underwriting Exchange, or CLUE, reports to review claims history. This information-sharing bureau keeps records for five years. Most CLUE reports are gener... Read More »

Does HIPAA protect the right to access medical records even if the medical bill has not been paid In other words can a medical provider deny access to your own medical records if you owe money?

HIPAA allows patient access to their own medical record, with very few exceptions. Failure to pay the bill is NOT one of those exceptions.Added: HIPAA restricts and prevents the dissemination of yo... Read More »

How do you bill medical insurance companies on medical supplies?

How do you find your personal medical insurance records?

Answer I'm guessing you might mean your medical records? Your insurance records would be wherever you put them. Your medical records, or records of insurance payments would be with the medical pro... Read More »