How far back can the IRS go to collect taxes?

Answer According to, in general, the IRS can go back 10 years to collect taxes. The IRS also has the option of auditing a tax return for up to three years. However, these numbers are based on s... Read More »

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How many years back can Michigan collect unpaid taxes?

"Collection enforcement activity" is permissible on unpaid taxes, states the Michigan Department of Treasury, "for a minimum of six years." This statute of limitations "may be extended by certain a... Read More »

How long does the IRS have to collect your taxes?

The IRS has 10 years from the date the tax return was filed to collect any taxes you have not paid. If you filed a fraudulent tax return to evade paying taxes, however, this statute of limitations ... Read More »

How much does the IRS collect annually in taxes?

While the amount collected by the IRS each year varies, the agency releases gross totals every year. In 2009, the IRS collected $2,345,337,177 in taxes, and in 2008, collections totaled $2,742,190,... Read More »

Can you still collect back pay even if your child is 20 years old and has children of her own?

If by "back pay" you mean, support that was ordered and not paid - yes.