How far back can an alcohol test go?

Answer To detect alcohol, one of the following testing methods may be administered-- analyzing urine, blood, breath, hair or saliva samples. Depending upon which testing method is utilized, alcohol use up... Read More »

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How long should you not drink alcohol when doing a pre-employment alcohol test?

Alcohol is completely eliminated from a person's system after about ten hours. A person scheduled for a pre-employment alcohol test should stop drinking at least eight hours before the appointed ti... Read More »

Since it is possible to be pregnant and still have regular periods if you take a home pregnancy test will the test come back positive or will it be negative because your body is still having its menstrual cycle?

Answer Regardless of menstruating or not your body will still have the hormones for a positive test.

If you had sex 2 days ago but the condom burst you stopped taking the pill about 4-5 weeks ago you took a pregnancy test and it came back negative how long should you wait before you take another test?

How to Get the PSAT Test Booklet Back After the Test?

The Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) is a two-hour standardized exam that is comparable to the SAT. Like the SAT, it measures math, grammar and critical reading ability. Unlike the SAT, ... Read More »