How far back can a hair drug test trace?

Answer A hair drug test can examine a sample of hair for traces of drugs to determine if the person has used any illegal substances in the past 90 days. The drug classes screened for typically include coc... Read More »

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How far back does a hair drug test go?

A hair drug test can detect drug use as far back as 90 days from the date of the test. Hair-sample analysis can detect the following types of drug: cocaine, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamine and ... Read More »

Does hookah show up in.a drug test i got this like pen thing and my mom is gonna drug test me plx help cuz?

It depends on it they are testing for the drug you are using.

Can dyeing your hair make a postive drug hair test negative ?

No. And nothing out there will "mask" it, either. Don't waste your money.

How much hair is needed for a hair drug test?

The standard follicle drug test requires at least 60 mg of hair, which generally equals anywhere from 90 to 120 strands, depending on how thick or coarse the hairs are.Source:Omega Laboratories: Fo... Read More »