How far back are your driving records kept?

Answer Driving records will be kept from three to 10 years depending on the state. A serious driving offense, such as a DUI, is likely to stay on a driving record longer than a minor offense.Source:Drivin... Read More »

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Ever hit an animal with your car and kept driving?

yea, I hit a cat one time and a racoon another, a few rabbits, some birds, so yes I have, maybe you hit someone's pet and that is the reason for the bananna in your exhaust.

Where are bankruptcy records kept?

In the United States, virtually all bankruptcy cases are handled by federal bankruptcy courts in any one of 94 federal court districts. The full records of each case are kept in the court dockets. ... Read More »

How long are police records kept?

That depends on how severe the offense is. If the offender hasn't been put in jail for more than three months or fined more than $10,000, then the offense no longer "counts" after three years, if n... Read More »

Are public records kept forever?

Not all public records are kept forever. A city's records management department decides how long to keep its public records based on how important they are to the city and its residents.References:... Read More »