How far away can a dog smell?

Answer The distance that a dog can smell has not been averaged. Dogs within each breed have different numbers of scent receptors, giving some dogs a better sense of smell than others. A dog's nose is abou... Read More »

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How to Make a Cigar Smell Go Away?

Cigar smoke can linger, making the smoker -- and place he smoked -- smell. The odors can be eliminated by thoroughly cleaning the body, clothing, fabrics and hard surfaces. Baking soda and vinegar ... Read More »

How to Get a Mildew Smell Away From the Sink?

Mildew grows in a variety of damp places, such as in and around your sink drain. This growth can cause an extremely foul odor that lingers even after you remove any visible mildew from the sink. Yo... Read More »

My dog is old and pees on the floor.My tiles stink even after cleaning,what do I do to take the smell away?

Boil the kettle, squeeze a lemon into it. Alternatively, use lemon essential oil. It's a natural antibacteriant and works wonders. The smell is also distasteful to dogs and cats, so it might discou... Read More »

How to Use Flylady's Give Away, Put Away, Throw Away System for Decluttering?

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