How far apart should you set fence posts?

Answer When spacing fence posts, there should be 6 to 8 feet between the posts. One factor influencing spacing is post size. If you're using 4-by-4 posts, space them 6 feet apart; if you're using 4-by-6... Read More »

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How far apart should fence posts be for a 4-foot wire fence?

The optimal spacing for fence posts when installing a 4-foot wire fence is between 8 and 12 feet depending on the heaviness of the wire. If using a large amount of wire for fencing, install the fen... Read More »

How far apart should fence posts be set on a 6'wood fence?

When installing a 6 foot wood fence, the posts should be installed 6 feet apart to insure the stability of the fence. Setting at least the end and corner posts in concrete will ensure durability.Re... Read More »

How to Install 4X4 Fence Posts?

Installing a fence post is commonly done when fencing in an area for pets or livestock, or to designate a play area or place for storage. Fence posts are used to support wood and wire fencing and a... Read More »

How far do you drive fence posts?

One third of the fence post's length should be put into the ground. This helps secure the fence post against concussion. So if you want a four-foot fence, you need at least six-foot posts.Source:... Read More »