How far apart should you plant lavender mountain lilies?

Answer Lavender mountain lilies need to be planted 2 to 3 inches apart. With this guideline being followed, each lily bulb will grow between 5 and 10 blooms on 15-inch stems. Lavender mountain lilies prod... Read More »

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When Do You Plant Lavender Mountain Lilies?

The lavender mountain lily (Ixiolirion tataricum) is also known as the lily of the Altai, Siberian lily, sky blue mountain lily and Tartar lily. These striking lilies bloom in rich shades of violet... Read More »

How far apart do you plant oriental lilies?

Space oriental lilies (Lilium spp.) 4 to 6 inches apart. These lily bulbs are planted at a depth of 8 inches. They require a growing site that is located in full sun. Oriental lilies do well when p... Read More »

When should you plant canna lilies?

On One Hand: Outdoor GrowingBecause the weather can be unpredictable and there are so many different climate levels where one might grow canna lilies outdoors, it's safest to wait until mid-spring ... Read More »

How far apart should you plant spirea?

The National Gardening Association recommends planting spirea shrubs two to 15 feet apart, depending on how large the mature plant is expected to be. Bridal wreath spirea, for example, can grow to ... Read More »