How far apart should recessed lights be?

Answer Recessed lights should be placed apart at a length equal to half the height of the ceiling, according to Pegasus Associates Lighting. For example, if you have a 12-foot ceiling, recessed lights sho... Read More »

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How Many Recessed Lights Should Be in a Room?

On One Hand: Ambient LightingIlluminating a general area, known as ambient lighting, is accomplished by placing the proper size of recessed down lights symmetrically spaced throughout a room for un... Read More »

What size recessed lights should be used in a basement ceiling?

On One Hand: Large Fixtures for Even LightingRecessed lights that measure 6 inches in diameter or larger provide ambient lighting. When symmetrically spaced throughout an area, they offer an even l... Read More »

How Far Apart Should You Space Pendant Lights?

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How far apart should you space ceiling lights over islands?

On One Hand: General Area LightingGeneral area lighting provides uniform illumination across a room. Fixtures placed symmetrically above each end of a kitchen island should provide adequate lightin... Read More »