How far apart should raspberry plants be planted?

Answer Plant canes in rows that are 18 to 24 inches apart.

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How far apart should blackberry plants be planted?

Plant trailing blackberry plant varieties 4 to 8 feet apart, and space the rows of blackberry plants 8 to 10 feet apart. Plant erect blackberry varieties 2 to 4 feet apart in rows that are 8 to 10 ... Read More »

How far apart should tomato plants be planted to prevent cross pollination?

Cross pollination rarely happens between tomato plants, therefore this is not a factor for spacing. The spacing does, however, depend on whether your plants are staked or free to sprawl. Staked pla... Read More »

How far apart should bulbs be planted?

The package tells you to plant further apart so that in the next few years there will be room between the bulbs to double in quantity. Next spring there should be twice as many and will have fille... Read More »

How Far Apart Should Shrubs Be Planted?

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