How far apart should raspberries be planted?

Answer On One Hand: Red RaspberriesPlanting distances with red raspberries range from 1 1/2 to 3 feet, depending on the variety. Most nursery raised plants include the recommended planting distance for th... Read More »

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How far apart should bulbs be planted?

The package tells you to plant further apart so that in the next few years there will be room between the bulbs to double in quantity. Next spring there should be twice as many and will have fille... Read More »

How Far Apart Should Shrubs Be Planted?

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How far apart should climbing roses be planted?

Plant climbing roses 8 to 12 feet apart when growing next to a fence for support. If you train the roses to grow up a trellis or wall, then plant them 3 feet apart. Climbing roses tend to grow as t... Read More »

How far apart should onion sets be planted?

When planting onion sets, you should place them 2 to 3 inches apart for regular onions, but close enough to touch each other for green onions. When planting in rows, allow 12 to 15 inches between e... Read More »