How far apart should pole beans be planted?

Answer Pole beans should be spaced 4 to 6 inches apart in each row, suggests the University of Illinois Extension Service. Allow 30 to 36 inches between each row in the vegetable garden. If you're using... Read More »

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Will cayenne pepper mixed with water hurt planted green beans have a rabbit problem was hoping hot stuff will deter them from eating the tops of green beans?

Answer Identify the pest first. If its rabbits,yes the mixed pepper will work. Also try human hair and blood meal.

How Tall Should a Pole Be for Pole Beans?

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Are black beans pole beans?

The legumes are a large family of plants that produce many peas (or seeds) in a single pod. Often the seed or "bean" is edible. Black beans are an edible legume that grows as a herbaceous bush and ... Read More »

Can peas or beans be planted in the same spot after garlic has been harvested?

Answer yes and the peas or beans are legumes they actually improve the soil by producing nitrogen at the roots.