How far apart should one plant fruit trees?

Answer Who would not enjoy going outside and just picking your own piece of fruit? The joy of watching your own fruit trees grow is immeasurable. Even though growing fruit trees takes work, planning and p... Read More »

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Do i have to plant two grapefruit trees for the trees to have fruit?

It is not necessary to plant two grapefruit trees to grow the fruit. Grapefruits are self-pollinating. In most cases, a single grapefruit tree is sufficient to provide the needs of a household.Refe... Read More »

How to Plant Fruit Trees?

If you are looking for some colorful variety in your yard, consider fruit trees. These trees usually bloom colorful flowers and grow little fruits, depending on the type. When making your selection... Read More »

How to Plant Fruit Trees on Wetlands?

You wouldn't want to commercially plant fruit trees on natural wetlands, for any number of practical and ecological reasons. For one, fruit trees cannot tolerate standing water. "Wet feet," inundat... Read More »

How to Plant & Space Fruit Trees?

Fruit trees make good additions to a backyard garden, for the edible fruit they produce and the increased attractiveness of the landscape. Because most fruit trees are planted as seedlings, special... Read More »