How far apart should I place hummingbird feeders?

Answer It is not necessary to hang multiple hummingbird feeders to attract the birds, but if you would like to hang more than one, place hummingbird feeders at least 10 feet apart.Source:Birds Forever: Hu... Read More »

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Where do you hang bird houses, feeders, and hummingbird feeders?

My husband put a 12 foot tall wooden square post in ground with cement. I have made this my bird feeding station. On top I have barn like bird feeder with suet cages on each side of the feeder ( go... Read More »

Where should hummingbird feeders be placed outside?

Place hummingbird feeders near flowering plants and away from wind or direct sunlight. Using several small hummingbird feeders in different locations will increase your chances of attracting hummin... Read More »

Do finches eat out of hummingbird feeders?

Finches do eat out of hummingbird feeders. The sugar water mixture commonly used in hummingbird feeders attracts varieties of house finches. You can keep them off hummingbird feeders by removing th... Read More »

When is it time to take down hummingbird feeders?

On One Hand: Pest InvasionYou will need to take down your hummingbird feeder if it becomes infested with ants or other insects. Hummingbird feeders are full of sugary liquid that attracts ants and ... Read More »