How far apart do you plant brown turkey fig trees?

Answer Fig trees should have 10 to 30 feet between them to reach healthy maturity. Tree height usually reaches 10 to 30 feet, but can be as high as 50 feet. The fig's branches make the tree wider than it... Read More »

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How far apart can you plant dogwood trees?

Dogwoods are a flowering variety of tree that reach heights of 20 feet. According to Dave's Garden web site, the ideal spacing between mature dogwood is 15 to 20 feet.Source:Dave's Garden: Plant F... Read More »

How far apart do you plant dwarf apple trees?

Space full dwarf apple trees 8 feet apart, leaving 12 feet between rows. Semi-dwarf apple trees should be spaced 10 to 14 feet apart, depending on the variety, and there must be 16 to 22 feet betwe... Read More »

How Far Apart Should One Plant Peach Trees?

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How far apart should one plant fruit trees?

Who would not enjoy going outside and just picking your own piece of fruit? The joy of watching your own fruit trees grow is immeasurable. Even though growing fruit trees takes work, planning and p... Read More »