How far apart do i plant tulip bulbs?

Answer Space tulip bulbs at a distance of about two times their diameter and plant at a depth of two to three times their width. The best time for planting is in the fall once the soil temperature drops ... Read More »

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How far apart should you plant tulip trees?

Tulip trees grow to be quite large--70- to 90-feet tall and 35- to 50-feet wide--so if you're planting more than one, space them at least 40 feet apart to accommodate their size at maturity.Source:... Read More »

How to Plant Tulip Bulbs?

Tulips are spring flowers, which means that their bulbs should be planted in autumn. This article takes you through the technique, to help make your garden look stunning with the addition of tulips.

How low do you plant tulip bulbs?

The proper depth for planting a tulip bulb depends on its size. Bulbs should be planted at a depth of about three times the length of the bulb, or more specifically, plant small tulip bulbs 5 to 6 ... Read More »

How deep do you plant tulip bulbs?

Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall, preferably a month before the first hard freeze. Large bulbs should be planted between 8 and 10 inches deep; smaller bulbs should be buried 5 to 6 inches deep.S... Read More »