How far apart do contractions have to be to go to the hospital?

Answer normally is 5 mins, but you can go eairler depending on what your doctor says and if your water has broke, also it depends on how far you are Dilated.

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Are frequent hiccups normal in pregnancy and how far apart should contractions be before you go to the hospital?

AnswerI don't think that frequent hic-ups during pregnancy are anything to worry about. Every body is different and many women experience different "symptoms" during pregnancy - it's all about how ... Read More »

If you are 38 weeks and have been having irregular contractions 10-15 mins apart from 730 last night to 2pm today - part of mucus plug lost but no blood these are painful contractions - is it time?

AnswerYou should call your doctor ASAP!! Good luck and God Bless:)

If contractions are 7 minutes apart for a past 24 hours and you are 36 weeks could you be going into labor?

What can you do when you've been pregnant 3 times don't have any warning when going into labor and only feel contractions after water breaks which only leaves you 30 minutes to get to a hospital?

Each pregnancy is different, and each person's experience with labor is different. Generally the more babies you deliver, the shorter the time from when labor begins until you deliver the baby. An... Read More »