How far along do you have to be to tell what the sex of the baby is?

Answer 18 weeks, if your baby is cooperative

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How far along do you have to be to tell you are pregnant?

Missing a period is often the first sign of pregnancy. When your period is late, that is the best time to take a pregnancy test for the most accurate results. Depending on a woman's typical cycle l... Read More »

What trimester can you tell if the baby will have problems?

It depends upon when you want to undergo screening and what type of screening. Amniocentesis is performed generally around week 16. Most tests are generally done during the second trimester though.

I have been trying for years to have a baby. Can you tell me if God will answer my prayer?

Dear Lord grant Anita the blessing of motherhood. She will be a great mom and an even better grandma. Please grant her this most wonderful future. Amen. † Equitable Prayer Warrior †

How to Tell How Far Along My Pregnant Cow Is?

The gestation period of a cow is 283 days, according to This is about 9 1/2 months. This is an average for all cattle. Young cows and small breeds can calve as much as two weeks e... Read More »