You have got pain in your sholder blades an in your shoulders along with other pregnancy symptoms is that a pregnancy symptom to?

Answer Answer yes it is a sign of pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy meaning the egg implanted in your fallopian tubes, which is very dangerous and life threating, look it up on the internet, you should see... Read More »

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Could you have symptoms of pregnancy at 4 weeks along?

Answer Yes. Many women report symptoms including bloating, tenderness of breasts, heightened sense of smell, unusual hunger or sleepiness and morning sickness within days.

When in pregnancy can you see how far along you are?

Answer Yes, with an ultrasound. Answer As soon as you miss a period you know you are 4 weeks pregnant.

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Hi! I'm feeling very VERY large and sore. Like I've done crunches for days, because the twins have already stretched me out as far as I can go, I think. It's kinda scary thinking that I'm 25 weeks... Read More »

How can you tell how far along your girlfriend's pregnancy is?

Answer Ask her when her last period was. You carry a baby for 38-40 weeks from the first day of your last period. Do the math and you will see how far along she is. Also have her go to a doctor imm... Read More »