How far after the "good by" date can something be eaten?

Answer They will last almost for ever, the date doesn't apply to them and it is even ridiculous that they put a date on them, just use common sense.You will just notice they will get riper and sweeter.Chetak

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Cream cheese eaten after the expiration date?

First, check whether it actually says "expires" or whether it says "best by". The latter means it will taste the best before the date, but not that it is bad. But, this is beside the point. Cream c... Read More »

I have eaten a month and a half out of date Philadelphia and I feel really sick?

If you had food poisoning, you would not have to ask anyone, you would know. Take a large dose of Pepto and a good laxative.

Do you believe that melon is not good to be eaten with honey?

It completely depends on how you are defining what is a healthy combination. You aren't going to get many answers in this category - you seem to have been autocategorized into beer, wine, and spiri... Read More »

Most people in America have only eaten pork, chicken, or beef. If you've eaten other meats, how do they taste?

I love eating turtle especially when its in a stew