How expensive is oil drilling?

Answer The equation for calculating the average cost of drilling calls for $500 per oil well + $1 for each foot of depth + $500 if the well is on water and another $500 if that water is in a swamp. This c... Read More »

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If you have Medicare Part A B what are the benefits of having a more expensive secondary insurance over a less expensive supplemental or medigap insurance?

Answer I'm not sure what you mean by a "secondary" insurance.

Does oil or gas come first when drilling?

Crude oil is the result of sediment and micro-organisms being compacted together over millions of years. Over time, these crushed organisms combine to make oil. Crude oil that has been drilled from... Read More »

How much oil drilling is in the usa?

The United States produces about 8.5 million barrels of oil per day. About 97 percent of the intercontinental shelf drilling in the United States is by oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, according to ... Read More »

What is horizontal oil drilling?

Horizontal drilling is a rapidly evolving technology that has many applications. It is used in settings where conventional vertical or directional drilling techniques are not possible or are cost-i... Read More »