How exactly do you use a bong?

Answer Pour maybe 1 cup of water into your bong (for a moderate sized bong), and that should be enough, add more if you think it doesn't look like enough. As for inhaling, do not inhale really hard, inhal... Read More »

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Where can I find a bong repair place/glass blower who will fix my bong for a good price?

It may not be worth fixing. You might go out and buy a different one.

What is a bong?

A bong, or water bong, is a type of smoking pipe used in the smoking of tobacco, marijuana or other herbal substances. It is often constructed from clear or colored glass and is filled with water.O... Read More »

How much does a bong cost?

Wait, a bubbled or a bong? You can get a good bubbled for under 50 but a good bong can run you up to 300. A decent bubbler can be found for about 25-30$. For bongs, my personal favorite are illidel... Read More »

How to Mix a Mexican Bong Hit?

Here is how to mix your own Mexican Bong Hit.