How exactly do car insurance companies use accident reports?

Answer Answer They use them as another version of the event. If they investigate the claim properly they will talk to the driver of each vehicle and any witnesses. Then they will look at what the police... Read More »

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How long can you wait before you report an accident to insurance companies?

The time you have to file a claim depends on your agreement with your insurance company. This often matches state law, which is commonly one year. It is wise to file the claim as soon as possible, ... Read More »

Do insurance companies have a time limit when investigating an auto accident?

Answer Depending on where you are (I can only speak for the U.S.), there may be no restriction on how long insurance has to act on a claim. Some states to have a statutory limit for responding to ... Read More »

If you change insurance companies will the new company find out about an accident in another state?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS%AnswerAll of your driving history is attached to your driver's license number which is in a global insurance reporting source called "C.L.U.E." Wherever you go, it will follow. A... Read More »

Do insurance companies cover an accident when it is your fault and you don't get the other drivers information for the claim?

Answer Yes, you would be covered by YOUR insurance company, given you have "Full-Coverage" coverage on your policy. Keep in mind, when filing a claim with your own insurance company, that this cla... Read More »