How energy efficient is a heat pump?

Answer On One Hand: Heat pumps best in moderate climates.According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat pumps are the most efficient type of electric heating in moderate climates. They provide three tim... Read More »

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Are mini-split heat pumps energy efficient?

On One Hand: Heating inefficient in colder climatesMini-split heat pumps require the installation of refrigerant lines that deliver energy from the exterior unit to wall or ceiling units located in... Read More »

What is the most efficient temperature setting for a heat pump in the winter?

The best setting for your thermostat is the lowest temperature you can bear while still being comfortable in your home. Most people efficiently set their heat pump at 68-70 degrees. Each degree hig... Read More »

Can a salt system be added to a pool heated with a heat pump without harming the heat pump?

Answer Absolutely: The equipment does not know the difference in what chemical you are using.

Some ovens use electricity converted into heat energy to cook food what kind of non electric energy use?