How effective is the chicken pox vaccination to prevent shingles?

Answer On One Hand: Vaccine Might Enable ShinglesThe chickenpox vaccine uses a live form of the varicella-zoster virus which takes up permanent residence in the vaccinated person, retaining the capacity t... Read More »

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Difference between chicken pox vaccination and influenza virus vaccination?

the chicken pox and influenza are completely different viruses so they need different vaccinations to prevent them, in other words the difference between the two vaccinations is that they prevent d... Read More »

How many times do you take the chicken pox vaccination?

Once, you don't need one if you've already had chicken pox

Does chicken pox vaccination actually work?

On One Hand: Chicken Pox Vaccine is EffectiveThe chicken pox vaccine (varicella vaccine, often combined with the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) is very effective in limiting chicken pox infection. ... Read More »

How chicken pox vaccination helps to combat the disease?

Vaccines are preventive treatments, which are the most cost effective. As has been seen with the small pox vaccine, wide-spread use of it eventually eradicated it in the general population.