Name the method for preventing STI's and pregnancy that is 100% effective?

Answer Technically speaking, it's abstinence. But to answer your question, condom would be the best method. Even though it is not 100%, it is closest you can get to 100% for both prevention of STIs and ... Read More »

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How effective is birth control in preventing pregnancy?

The effectiveness of birth control varies based upon the method and if it is used properly. Several popular forms of birth control and their effectiveness when used properly include: cervical cap (... Read More »

How do you manage for preventing Vaginal Bleeding or spotting during pregnancy at different stages?

Cervical dysplasia:Cervical dysplasia is precancerous changes of the epithelial cells that line the cervix. Risk increases with multiple sexual partners, sex before age 18, childbirth before age 16... Read More »

If you fear there is a chance you could have become pregnant within the past week will going back on your birth control have any effect on preventing that pregnancy?

Answer No. Do not go back on your birth control if you think you are pregnant. It can harm the baby. If you really do not want to be pregnant then I would get checked a.s.a.p. and see if I was. T... Read More »

Could an increase in sex drive and hunger and cold and a pulling sensation around the abdomen be signs of pregnancy?

Answer It could be, i think the increase in sex drive does happen for sure, but i don't think it is normally before the period is due??? I had a lot of pulling and pressure in the abdomen as well d... Read More »