How effective is contraceptive foam?

Answer On One Hand: Contraceptive Foam is EffectiveContraceptive foam is a spermicide. Used alone, it is 80 percent effective in preventing a pregnancy. Used with a condom, spermicides are 95 percent effe... Read More »

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What is foam contraceptive?

Foam contraceptive is made up of chemicals called spermicide. The contraceptive is sold in a kit that contains an applicator. Users put the foam inside the vagina before intercourse to prevent preg... Read More »

Why is the contraceptive pill so effective?

Contraceptive pills are effective if a woman takes the pills at the same time each day. The way the pills are engineered allows for effective use and, therefore, the woman taking the pills should n... Read More »

What Type of Foam Is Used in a Jamison Resort Foam Mattress?

A comfortable mattress helps guarantee a good night's sleep. Jamison Resort Mattresses are available in many vacation resorts but are also available for homes. According to the American Chronicle, ... Read More »

Is Primolut a contraceptive?

Primolut is a drug containing norethisterone, which is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone. This drug is used in women to help regulate the menstrual cycle and lessen severe symptoms. P... Read More »