How effective is Yaz birth control?

Answer When used as directed, the Yaz combination birth control pill is as effective as other combination birth control pills at 99 percent. If the woman misses a pill or takes it at a dramatically differ... Read More »

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Is birth control effective?

On One Hand: It Depends on the UserBirth control is most effective when used properly. For example, when used correctly, condoms are 97 percent effective. Yet, for typical use, condoms are only 86 ... Read More »

How effective is birth control if a day is missed?

The birth control pill has an effectiveness rate of 92 percent. Missing a pill lowers that effectiveness rate, and if unprotected sex occurred during the days surrounding the missed pill, you shoul... Read More »

Is Sronyx birth control less effective?

On One Hand: Sronyx is EffectiveSronyx (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel) is an oral birth control contraception used to prevent pregnancy. When taken correctly, the chance of pregnancy is less... Read More »

Is birth control still effective after intercourse?

On One Hand: Proper Use of Oral ContraceptivesOral contraceptives, or birth control pills, must be taken consistently for at least one week before they provide a woman with protection against an un... Read More »