How effective is Propecia for treating hair loss?

Answer On One Hand: Propecia is EffectivePropecia (generic name finasteride) is a medication that has helped many people control the symptoms of hair loss. According to the medication's manufacturer, Merc... Read More »

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Is treating the scalp helpful in treating hair loss?

On One Hand: Medical IssuesIn some cases of hair loss, the culprit is a fungal infection of the scalp. The only way to stop the hair loss in that situation is to treat the scalp with anti-fungal me... Read More »

How to Use Propecia for Hair Loss?

Men who suffer from balding around the world can rejoice as there is now another form of effective treatment that comes in a little pill you take just once per day. It may seem silly that by simply... Read More »

How to Stop Hair Loss With Hair Laser After Propecia?

Propecia is a drug designed to help slow down hair thinning and possibly even help the hair to grow back. This medication does not work for everyone; so if the Propecia failed to help your hair ret... Read More »

Does Propecia work for hair loss?

On One Hand: Propecia for Hair LossAccording to, Propecia (finasteride) is a prescription drug used to treat male pattern baldness by preventing testosterone from turning into dihydrotest... Read More »