How effective is Propecia?

Answer On One Hand: Propecia is Effective for Male Pattern BaldnessPropecia treats male pattern baldness, which is balding at the top of the head. It also helps with hair loss in the middle front of the h... Read More »

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How effective is Propecia for treating hair loss?

On One Hand: Propecia is EffectivePropecia (generic name finasteride) is a medication that has helped many people control the symptoms of hair loss. According to the medication's manufacturer, Merc... Read More »

Is Propecia addictive?

On One Hand: No Risk of AddictionAccording to the Mayo Clinic, addiction is not known to be a side effect of Propecia. As long as Propecia is used as directed, it has a few side effects with a low ... Read More »

Can women use propecia?

On One Hand: Women Cannot Use PropeciaFinasteride (sold under the brand-name Propecia) is not for treating hair loss in women, according to the medication's manufacturer, Merck. Moreover, women who... Read More »

How to Stop Propecia?

If you suffer from male-pattern baldness, you have three basic options: treat it medically, hide it cosmetically or do nothing. Among the options available for medical treatment are Propecia (medic... Read More »