How effective are x-rays?

Answer X-rays are extremely effective for identifying damage in solid body structures, such as bone. The relative biological effectiveness of x-rays has been found to be unchanged by, and independent of, ... Read More »

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Can X-rays be e-mailed?

X-rays can be converted and scanned as high quality digital files in a variety of file formats that third-party applications and systems can recognize. These formats include jpg, gif and pdf files,... Read More »

Are X-rays bad for a pregnancy?

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, there is a slightly greater risk of leukemia in babies when their mothers have X-rays during pregnancy. The risk, however, is so small that a... Read More »

Can you copy x-rays?

X-rays can be duplicated by radiologic technologists who are trained to make high quality copies using a digital duplication method. These copies can be viewed on a lightbox like the original.Sourc... Read More »