How effective are spermicides?

Answer On One Hand: Spermicides Kill SpermBy killing or paralyzing active sperm before it reaches the uterus, spermicides help prevent pregnancy. Spermicides are available as a film, cream, foam or suppo... Read More »

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Leadership experts agree that effective leadership behavior depends on situational and follower characteristics According to Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership leaders' behavior?

How is white oled tv more cost effective compare to standard oled tv Tech reviews are claiming that white oled tv is more cost effective than standard oled tv please explain it?

White OLED refers to the LG technique of adding a white LED to the red, green and blue LEDs in their OLED display panels. LG claim that it produces more faithful reproduction than just using red, g... Read More »

Would a VM be more effective than an AV?

I think it's always a good idea to have a antivirus programs. If I'm going to go to a unknown site or think something is fishy I have two options. One is sandboxie and the other is turn on my virtu... Read More »

Are ear candles effective?

On One Hand: Proponents Claim it Removes WaxEar candling involves placing a hollow candle in the ear and lighting it. According to proponents, this is an ancient method which creates a low-level va... Read More »