Is there fiberglass in cigarette filters?

Answer Cigarette filters do not contain fiberglass, despite the common myth. Acetate cellulose is a fibrous plastic material used to make cigarette filters. Threads made with fibers of glass, commonly cal... Read More »

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Who invented cigarette filters?

The Dimensions Guide website reports the cigarette filter was invented in Hungary by engineer Boris Aivaz. The patent for the cigarette filter was granted in 1925 with the first cigarette filter de... Read More »

How Effective Are K&N Filters in Newer Cars?

When it comes to aftermarket automotive parts, K&N Engineering Inc. is well-known for producing some of the finest and most respected components for most any late-model passenger vehicle. The compa... Read More »

Are carbon filters less effective after time?

On One Hand: For The Average Person, YesCarbon filters become less effective over time because the pores in the carbon get clogged with pollution. How long the carbon filter lasts depends on the ty... Read More »

The Most Effective Homemade Pond Filters?

A homemade pond filter is just as effective as a purchased filter when combined with best practices in pond placement and management that reduce the amount of debris and algae growth in your pond. ... Read More »