How easy is it to overdose on prescription pills?

Answer On One Hand: Dosage Directions Are ProvidedPharmacists review with patients how to take their prescription drugs. Patients then sign off that they understand the dosages. Pharmacists help to reduce... Read More »

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What happens if you overdose on pills?

It's not likely you'll die. My dad use to attempt suicide that way when I was about 6-13.He failed everytime, and only caused damage to his organs and our family. Don't do it. You become stupid.. I... Read More »

Does overdose of pills cause death?

Even 1-2 pills with alcohol or in empty stomach can worse the condition of person to an extent that one can die.Doctors will do their work. But from as I see around the world I don't think we shoul... Read More »

What happens if you overdose on sleeping pills?

It really depends upon the circumstances of your physiological profile. Sleeping pills are aimed to suppress the central nervous system. Signs of overdose include:* Seizure Activity* Involuntary E... Read More »

Im suicidal , what happens if you take an overdose of sleeping pills and live?

Trying talking to a suicidal hot line.Anyway if you lived you didn't solve the problem.The problem to be solved is your emotions and it can help your life.Sometimes you got to let it out and you ha... Read More »