How easy is it to contract AIDS?

Answer On One Hand: Easy Without ProtectionAccording to The Straight Dope, if you have unprotected intercourse with a person who has the HIV/AIDS virus you have one in 500 chance of contracting the diseas... Read More »

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Can you contract AIDS from a fart?

oh yes. you should fart back to counteract the effect.

Can you contract AIDS from a food handler?

You cannot contract AIDS from a food handler. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), from which AIDS develops, can be transmitted in only three ways, according to from pregnant mother to... Read More »

I was french kissing a girl with Aids and we both have Gengivitus, will I get Aids?

If someone with AIDS bleeds into the sink and washes it away, wouldnt everyone gets AIDS?

The AIDS virus dies within minutes of being exposed to oxygen rich environments and temperatures to which it cannot tolerate. I believe your also missing a vital step in water cycling. Water from y... Read More »