How early will discard come out of the boobs if pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello there.You can have discharge from the nipples without being pregnant. But you must confirm if you are pregnant first. Discahrge from the nipples can occur spontaneously or when pressu... Read More »

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Help! My boobs hurt, could I be pregnant?

a romantic weekend of me entering you repeatedly. plus, buying me a watch wouldn't hurt them. oly out.

When do your boobs get sore when your pregnant?

mine always alerted me that I was, so, I would say with in a week or two. answer not always when your pregnant when there growing as well.

If you have fluid coming out of your boobs are you pregnant?

Answer If you are leaking a yellowish color liquid out of your breast there is a very large chance that you are pregnant... take a pregnancy test and good luck  Answer I wouldn't count on it compl... Read More »

Why do boobs hurt more at night when your pregnant?

I have never heard this explained by a doctor, my guess would be by later in the day you may be retaining more fluid, just like the way your feet swell later in the day. Just the swelling alone can... Read More »