How early will discard come out of the boobs if pregnant?

Answer Answer Hello there.You can have discharge from the nipples without being pregnant. But you must confirm if you are pregnant first. Discahrge from the nipples can occur spontaneously or when pressu... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if your period come a week early?

You could be if the period is light or shorter than usual. However, if it is like your normal period but just early then it's unlikely you're pregnant. If it's light, you should take a pregnancy test

If u gained wait and it made ur boobs bigger and then loos the weigth will the boobs stay the same size?

no, if your do some research i really think you will read that more than 75% of a woman's breasts is fat.

If you are 3 weeks pregnant will smoking effect your baby so early on?

Any type of chemicals can affect a baby at any point in pregnancy. Actually, I would say it could be more harmful early on because chance of miscarriage is still high. Smoking increases it even more.

Will you be pregnant if you come off in injection?

I'm not sure if I understand the question. I assume you mean "Can you become pregnant if your partner pulls out before ejaculation?" The answer is Yes! Some fluids are released before the actual ej... Read More »