Who did cars target in the early years?

Answer The first American-made car was built in 1891. The cars were quite expensive to produce, and cost between $1,000 and $2,000, which made them a luxury only the wealthy could afford.Early CarsUntil t... Read More »

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APs open to early reunion (open adoption)?

It took 6 years before I heard from the mother of the siblings we have adopted. It took me by surprise when it happened and it took me a little time to process, just because for me it came unexpect... Read More »

How do I open a Target credit card?

OnlineApply for a Target credit card online at by filling out a basic application. The best part about filling out your application on Target's website is that it allows you to check the... Read More »

How to Open Your Christmas Presents Early?

Ever seen those Christmas presents under the tree, and just exploding inside waiting for Christmas to come? Wait no longer, you can open your presents straight away to see what they are, and easily... Read More »

How open should your cervix be during early pregnancy?

During early pregnancy your cervix should not .....repeat not be open (dilated) at all. Later in your third trimester you may become 1-2cm dilated, this is a sign that labor is near.