How early can you tell the gender of a baby?

Answer The most common way to determine the gender of a baby is with an ultrasound examination. Parents will be able to find out the gender of their baby as early as the twentieth week of pregnancy.Source... Read More »

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How early can you know the gender of a baby?

The gender of an unborn baby can be determined after the twentieth week of pregnancy. An ultrasound exam is used in determining the baby's gender. On some occasions, the ultrasound results may not ... Read More »

When is the earliest you can tell the gender of a baby?

A fetus' external sex organs begin to develop and differentiate by gender early in the second trimester. The 16th week of pregnancy is about the earliest the gender can be determined in an ultrasou... Read More »

When can you tell the gender of your baby when you're pregnant?

An ultrasound can determine the sex of a baby when a woman has been pregnant for at least 16 weeks. However, the results of an ultrasound is considered more accurate at the 20-week mark.Source:Amaz... Read More »

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