How early can you apply for early Social Security?

Answer You can apply for Social Security as early as age 62. However, unless you wait until your full retirement age, your monthly benefit amount will be permanently decreased. The full retirement age is ... Read More »

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How early do you need to apply for Social Security benefits?

According to the Social Security Administration, individuals can start collecting Social Security benefits as early as age 62. To apply, you need to be at least age 61 years and 9 months old. The e... Read More »

The Effect of Retiring Early on Social Security Benefits?

In general, retirement age should not affect the amount of money a person receives in Social Security payments over their remaining lifetime if they live the average number of years. Someone who re... Read More »

Is it possible to search the posts of early internet forums (late eighties early nineties)?

See the left-hand column on Google Search? And where it says "Custom Range"? You can customise your search preferences to bring out results from only a specified time period. Hope that helps.

Can you teach in an Early Head Start with an Associate of Science in Early Childhood Education?

Hi there,I currently work as an Education Coordinator for a Head Start agency. The previous responses are correct in that state child care regulations require different levels of education for pro... Read More »