How early can i tell i am pregnant?

Answer Many women are anxious to know if they are pregnant as soon as possible. Most home pregnancy tests advertise that they are reliable as early as the first day of a missed period. But is this true?Ho... Read More »

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Can you tell you're pregnant before you miss a period and how early can you find out?

Answer Somtimes its possible to find out a few days before your period is due.

What are the risks involved if you are taking cold and flu tablets but you think you might be pregnant and it's too early to tell if you are?

Answer There is a slight risk of affecting the baby. If you suspect your pregnant and you shouldn't take this medication, then stop taking it straight away. Answer I agree.Just take lots of fluids.... Read More »

Could it be too early to tell if you're pregnant if you had sex weeks ago and you haven't been feeling right and have been eating a lot and your breasts hurt and you're tired but a test was negative?

Answer You should probably wait until you have a missed period. I am having the same problem me and my hubby are trying to have a baby and i have took 2 test already and both were negative but i am... Read More »

If you tell a teacher you're pregnant can they tell your parents?

Answer Yes, they can. Chances are they will, actually. This is no laughing matter... your parents have every right to know, frankly. Answer no they have no right it should be confidential Answer It... Read More »