How early can i tell i am pregnant?

Answer Many women are anxious to know if they are pregnant as soon as possible. Most home pregnancy tests advertise that they are reliable as early as the first day of a missed period. But is this true?Ho... Read More »

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Why do teenagers get pregnant at an early age?

Most teens that get pregnant do so because of lack of sex education and simply thinking that it will not happen to them. Everyone who has unprotected sex is at risk for pregnancy and STDs. If you a... Read More »

Does it affect you if you get pregnant at an early age?

Yes. It can affect your health because you will not be fully grown yourself, therefore it will put more of a strain on you and the baby

Why do people get pregnant at an early age?

People get pregnant at an early age because they choose to have unprotected sex. Some people think that using just a condom will keep them from getting pregnant, but condoms are only 85% affective.... Read More »

If you got your period early can you still be pregnant?

Answer Hello.Yes you can still be pregnant. A early period could be from implantation bleeding but it is difficult to say with certainity. Best thing to do is wait two weeks and do a pregnancy test.