How due you dealete a specific number from i phone?

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How do you get a specific phone number for a business?

You go in the telephone book and you search the name of the business, then you call them through mobile, home, or pay phone

How do I block phone calls from a specific number?

You can call AT&T directly and block the number. Get a customer service rep that actually speaks English instead of "Indo-glish." If they can't help you, ask to speak to the supervisor. Keep goi... Read More »

How to Block a Specific Number From Texting an Alltel Phone?

Alltel allows users to block specific telephone numbers from sending text messages to their handset.

Is there any legal reason why phone companies can't offer specific number blocking as a service?

It's possible. Call blocking (some companies call it call screening) is a common feature offered by virtually all carriers. If you are able to get caller id, your phone company has the ability to p... Read More »