How dry should siding be before staining it?

Answer Whether painted first or not, wood should be completely dry before adding a stain to it. Some suggest waiting 60 to 90 days before staining; however, siding is likely to crack and peel after this a... Read More »

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Why should I power wash my deck before staining it?

On One Hand: Power Washing Thoroughly Cleans the WoodHome improvement experts, including those at, stress that it is important to powerwash a deck before staining it to remo... Read More »

Should you power wash a deck before staining it?

On One Hand: A Clean Deck Is a MustA deck must be thoroughly cleaned before it can be stained, and a pressure washer---also known as a power washer---is an effective way to get the job done, accord... Read More »

How long should treated wood set before staining?

How long you should wait to stain treated wood varies. Factors such as the weather and humidity, as well as whether it was air- or kiln-treated in manufacture, determine the moisture content--which... Read More »

How to Prepare Concrete Before Staining It?

One of the most popular commercial flooring options today is stained concrete. Because of the relative ease and affordability, some business owners have even considered staining their concrete floo... Read More »