How does zetia work in the body?

Answer Zetia is a brand name for an oral prescription medication known as ezetimibe. The drugs comes in tablet form, and doctors commonly prescribe it to lower levels of certain substances in a patient's ... Read More »

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What happens if Zetia is not taken?

Zetia is the brand name for the generic drug ezetimibe. It is prescribed to treat high cholesterol and has the effect of lowering the amount of cholesterol that the body absorbs from food. It is so... Read More »

How safe is Zetia?

On One Hand: Reduces CholesterolZetia is a prescription medication that works with a person's current regimen, whether it's eating healthy or taking other cholesterol medication, to lower bad chole... Read More »

What are the dangers of Zetia?

The oral medication Zetia contains the drug ezetimibe, which doctors prescribe for patients with high cholesterol. Despite its effectiveness at lowering LDL cholesterol levels, Zetia poses a risk f... Read More »