How does youtube have enough memory to keep all of those videos?

Answer…Theres your best answer. If you check out this section from it will tell you all about the Server Farms that house all of YouTubes Videos. ... Read More »

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If sharing copyrighted songs is ilegal, why haven't all those videos been removed from youtube?

Good question. Hell, this is something I've thought long and hard about myself. But, here's what I've realized:Some companies allow their music to be shared as long as people don't make profit from... Read More »

Does 16GB iPhone 4S have enough memory to hold 250 songs and 200 photos plus a decent amount of apps?

Depends on the file format of the photos. It should fit your songs. You may want to just check how much space the music and pictures take up on your PC.

Why do the YouTube videos keep freezing?

You probably have a slow computer and/or Internet connection.

Why do the videos keep pausing on youtube?

The video is probably pausing as the next few seconds haven't been loaded yet. When they are loaded, the video will begin again. One way to solve this is to pause the video first, then let it load ... Read More »