Is the company United American Insurance company a good company to work for?

Answer Are they listed in the Fortune 500 Magazine? Probably not...check it out. I know that the company I work for was listed 5 years in a row and they put their money where their mouth is. Also, check o... Read More »

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How to Work Your Way up a Company?

Working your way up a company is an effective way to become familiar with various facets of a company. Knowing that you've mastered different tasks and positions, and have been recognized for your ... Read More »

How to Promote Yourself Within the Company You Work For?

Self promotion not only gives you a stronger chance for job advancement, it is essential for success. Promotion includes a broad range of strategies that will make you a valued employee and benefit... Read More »

So I work for an Adult Company. What do you think?

I have a wonderful mucous plug collection. Perhaps they want to make a video of that? Personally, we are all such MILF's..I think we should just make out own video!

What is the work of a medical billing company?

Medical billing companies provide an option for medical and health care facilities to outsource their accounts receivable. The job of a medical billing company is to provide an efficient way for he... Read More »