How does your colon affect your health?

Answer The colon eliminates waste matter from the body. When it is properly functioning, the body has a good chance of functioning properly as well. When the colon malfunctions, additional health problems... Read More »

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Does the health of your mouth affect your health overall?

Yes it has been Proved that it can affect your Heart if you have bad Rotten Teeth ,you can eventually end up with Heart Trouble. So at the very Least Clean your Teeth a couple of Times a Day.

How does mold affect your health?

Mold have little germs that go inside your brain and slowly begin to pick away at the human brain. After long enough exposition to the mold the person will begin to illuminate. Eventually they will... Read More »

How does alcohol affect your health status?

Most of them should be taken after food. But a few like Roxythromycin and Azithromycin have to be taken on an empty stomach as food interferes with their absorption.

How does extreme cold or heat affect your health?

They practice internal medicine for children ... usually up to the age of 18.