How does wu long tea help weight loss?

Answer Wu long is another name for oolong tea, a semi-fermented variety of black tea that reportedly aids in weight loss. Other health benefits include improved skin condition, healthy teeth and a stronge... Read More »

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Does green tea help weight loss?

Hello Jack, The best way to lose weight is through a balanced diet and regular exercise. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant that can aid in weight loss by improving your metabolism, which in turn ... Read More »

Does weight loss help spinal stenosis?

On One Hand: Weight Loss May Help Spinal StenosisAccording to John Hopkins Medicine, "losing weight and toning the abdominal muscles with exercise may reduce pressure on the spine." Spinal stenosis... Read More »

Does vitamin B12 help with weight loss?

On One Hand: Study EvidenceA study published in 2005 states that there is no evidence that B12 injections increase weight loss, according to The subjects took vitamin B12, among oth... Read More »

Does China Slim Tea help in weight loss?

On One Hand: Anecdotal EvidenceAccording to a review by The Diet Pill Institute, the manufacturers of China Slim Tea provide testimonial evidence but no guarantee of weight loss. The tea seems to w... Read More »